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I find the article to be interesting in the way that they in itself curated a lot of history of architecture and how people themselves interact with the perception of it. As i was reading this article i found it interesting that curation was such a growing trend over the past few decades.  A curator’s job is to place an art exhibit in a way to extract an emotion from whom is traveling through the exhibit.  This is done by careful placement to control and even alter moods that one may feel while going through the procession.  Each exhibition is a different creature of it own.  No one truly can dictate what an exhibition can be nor it is defined, but it is an expression of one works and ideas.  I believe that architecture is another art form with a different canvas instead of a piece of paper we use a lot of land.  A building, a sculpture, a painting all express an idea. People may perceive your ideas differently but maybe they were your target audience in which you were trying to inform and inspire.  That is why curation seems to be a difficult job with many people not understanding your ideas and concept might take your idea the wrong way. I believe that trying to convey an exhibit is like a design board you start with some diagrams abstract and not really sure of what you’re trying to convey but the seed of the idea is planted.  Then the start of the idea grows as you go further with the exhibition or presentation board.


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