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In the article the main idea is how people feel about the exhibition.  He breaks down the fog into two categories, objects and atmosphere.  I believe that atmospheric has the most effect because they use to exhibition to play with your emotions while you proceed through. While the object is something you see, interpret, and move on from it. Object don’t have an impact like that of an atmosphere. Say an object is disturbing you, you clearly avoid it by going around it. But if the atmosphere is disturbing you, you can’t avoid it as easily as you can avoid an object. But the objects are what convey the core idea of the exhibition they atmosphere plays off the objects and the objects play off the atmosphere.  For example the exhibition of the Bau Haus in the MoMA uses the objects and atmosphere of the location to play off your emotions.  They recreate the working environments of the artists by surrounding you with art that would have be littered around the Bau Haus in which you may get a sense of what these artists may have been inspired by and how they grew as artists with all this creativity around them.  The exhibition is a play of both forms of art the core object conveying ideas and the supporting atmosphere that creates that mood for you to better understand the ideas that the artist or artists are trying to express.  This is most efficient way to get a response from the travels, if done correctly you may open the eyes of many people that weren’t exposed to this sort of art, but now may even want to try working on it.


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