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In this article i believe that the word work is a complex word that doesn’t have a clear meaning. “My work” means that you yourself did everything and in life that is not the case everything is a compound work.  It may be my ideas or place the seed in the ground, but my group and I nurture the seed until it becomes a tree.  That is why the phrase “my work” is rarely used because it isn’t just one person’s work but a collaboration of ideas and input to create a final product to establish a workable goal to reach.  My personal experiences come into play with this article i was part of the masonry build in which my idea wasn’t chosen but I supported my studio class’ decision and put full effort to help create a building that was worthy of winning the masonry competition.  This work was not just one person’s effort but 15 people working as a group giving and taking ideas.  The word “work” defines as a someone doing work but in the case of architecture that isn’t the case usually there is a team and the spear head is only as strong that the pole that supports it.  I have the idea but I alone am not worthy of calling it my work but as “the work” in which many people work as a group to help finalize the concept. I believe to call a building “your work” is a bit conceded in these modern times where not just one person does all the work but a group does.  Granted the greats like Corb and Wright are allowed to say “my work” because they put they’re full efforts and solo efforts into their masterpieces.


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