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Reading 4 – Hair & Make-up

The usage of hair and make-up is very common in our day, but we do not understand the severity of the effects that they do impose on our society in which one hair cut can completely alter the category that you may fit in. I didn’t really think much of how hair and make-up did so much to alter the appeal of music, but in a way I understand what these new hair styles that artists now wear are examples of what they’re trying to express through their music. It undoubted that hair and make-up can alter someone’s look, but to use that look to alter the look of an idea such as music is a true testament into how the slightest thing can change something.  You may not notice or even care about the hair style or how their make-up is used to express and idea, but in the minds of a people we take in that sign of radical innovation and create an idea of what this music means to be. In Kurt Cobain’s music it was rough and edgy and his hair expressed that idea, blond hair with dark brown roots showing the roughness of his music.  In the attempt to change the perception of heavy metal from England to the U.S. the use of “glam” hair to smooth in the roughness of metal and make it seem more appealing to the greater population.  Hair and Make-up can cause a great deal of innovation, yet we take this small gesture for granted, yet not for granted because it cause a stepping stone of ideas and creates new categories for people to associate with.


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