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As i read this article i imagined what the experience may feel like, what extravagant events may occur during this dinning experience.  It reminded me of a sushi restaurant where the food is amazing, but the experience of the food being cooked in front of you adds to the moment.  The ability to distinguish yourself from another restaurant is key, all restaurants that have good food but the key is to create an experience to create an atmosphere that will draw people to your restaurant.  Though the price is an equal experience with its own conscience the food generally overcome the worries. The experience between the elegance of the dishes and the food. I feel like becoming different from the other competition is the key in which your extravagant showmanship will lead you to property.  The atmosphere of the restaurant creates the feeling enlightenment in which you crave the experience over and over.  I had an experience of a sushi restaurant in which the service made it an interesting moment in which we were not ready to experience, but we enjoyed the moments and the food leading to a great evening with friends I believe that this is the goal for all restaurants low or high class in any regards of the caliber the idea is to make it memorable enough for you to want to come back and enjoy their presence.  If not to enjoy the experience then to what are we paying for? Food and the experience is key to a successful restaurant in which we feel like we have done something amazing for going to this restaurant.


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